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#1 – Beef Short Rib Pho
(Phở xường bò)
R. $22.50 – Premium. $27.50 =” double meat”

Rice noodle soup with beef short rib perfectly prepared on a cast iron skillet, cook with the beef broth or charcoal grill, cilantro and onions.


#2 – Eye Round Steak and Beef Balls Pho
(Phở tái bò viên)
R. $15.50 – Premium $20.50 = “double the round eye steak”

Kid Bowl $13.50

Rice noodle soup with thinly sliced rare steak, beef balls, cilantro and onions.


#3 – Special Pho
(Phở Đặc Biệt)
R. $15.50 – Premium. $20.50 = “double meat”

Kid Bowl $12.50

Rice noodle soup with thinly sliced rare brisket or special Chef’s picked of the day beef, meatball cilantro and onions.


#4 – Beef Balls Pho
(Phở bò viên)
R. $14.50 – Premium. $19.50 = “Double meatball”

Kid Bowl $10.50

Rice noodle soup with beef meat balls, cilantro and onions.



#5 – Eye Round Steak Pho
(Phở tái)
R. $14.50 – Premium. $19.50 = “Double eye round steak”

Kid Bowl $12.50

Rice noodle soup with thinly sliced rare steak, cilantro and onions.


#6 – Chicken Noodle Pho

(Phở Gà)
R. $14.50 – Premium. $17.50 = “more chicken”

Kid Bowl $10.50

Made with 100% chicken broth, Rice noodle soup with sliced chicken, poached egg, cilantro and onions.


#7 – Seafood Pho
(Phở Do Bien)
R. $21.50 – Premium. $26.50 = “more seafood”

Rice noodle soup with clam, squid, shrimp, scallops, cilantro and onions.

To enrich the higher quality of the broth, we do use chicken broth for this seafood noodle bowl, if this is something you do not want us to use, please let our server know so that we can make the original 100% seafood broth for you, but please do keep in mind, the quality of the broth may not be as what you expected.



#8 – Steak Pho
(Phở Steak)
R. $26.50, Premium $35.50 = 12oz of meat

Kid Bowl $16.50

Rice noodle soup with thinly sliced marinated Chuck roll sizzling on a cast iron, cilantro and onions.


#9 – Vegetarian Pho

(Phở Chay)

Kid Bowl $10.50

Vegetarian Pho can be make with strick veggie broth, chicken or beef broth, come with deep fried tofu, poached egg, carrot, daikon, mushroom, cabbage, cilantro and onions.





Kim Chi Pho

Regular $19.50, Premium $26.50

Kim Chi Pho, Our newest Pho for 2024, extremely flavorful with special kicks of Spicy,Sour, Sweet Cast Iron Sizzling meats and Kim Chi Infusions.


Ribeye or fillet mignon Steak Pho


Ribeye or fillet mignon thinly slices present raw to the table for you to dip it fresh into a boiling stone bowl and enjoy it in its freshest state + our best USDA Prime brisket and in-house made meatball… YUMMM


Vietnamese Banh Mi (Bánh mì)

Vietnamese Banh Mi traditionally have pate that contained pork and chicken liver, please let us know in advance if you do not want this in your Banh Mi.

#10 Pork Roll Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì Chả)

Ground pork is packed tightly into a roll, and wrapped with banana leaves (and or aluminum foil) then steamed or boiled, hence producing the dense “pork roll”. Sliced thin like bologna, these make up one of the most common cold cuts found in bánh mì and one of the most popular Banh Mi in Vietnam.


#11 Egg Banh Mi/ or Vegetarian Banh
(Bánh mìTrứng ốp-la/Trứng chiên)

Eggs are prepared as a scramble, well done sunny side up (but cooked on both sides), omelet style or it can be a total Vegetarian Banh with deep fried tofu.


#12 Fried Fish Cake Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì Chả cá)

Fried fish cake sliced into small slices, dressing (mayo, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, chives, cilantro.


#13 Lemongrass Grill Chicken Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì gà nướng)

Vietnamese marinated and grilled chicken with lemongrass.


#14 Char Siu Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì xíu mại)

This home made style Banh Mi basically translates as ‘awesome sandwich’, or better yet ]Chinese barbecue pork, made at home tucked into everything amazing with a Vietnamese sandwich. carrots, daikon, cilantro and cucumber… yummmmm.


#15 Grill Pork 
Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì thịt nướng)

Vietnamese marinated grilled pork. Cuts of pork meat can be anything from pork belly, pork shoulder or pork butt.


#16 Cured Pork & Petê Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì Patê thịt nguội)

Cured pork belly & layered with Vietnamese Patê.


#17 Roasted Pork Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì Thịt heo quay)

Probably the most popular type of banh mi in the country, roasted pork is sliced up and served on a freshly baked bun with the typical banh mi dressing (mayo, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, chives, cilantro.


#18 Roasted Duck Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì vịt quay)

Roasted duck is sliced up and served on a freshly baked bun with the typical banh mi dressing (mayo, cucumber, pickled carrot and daikon, chives, cilantro.


#19 House Special Combination Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì Đặc biệt)

A combination of pork roll, as well as adding our special house touch of other meats. It is normal that this sandwich is make with the two cold cuts of our in-house pork sausage and cured pork, the sandwich itself is hot and crispy on the outside but the stuffing inside are cold. Occasionally our chef would choose a different type of meat for a special touch to it.


#20 Lemongrass Steak Banh Mi
(Bánh Mì thịt bò nướng xã)

Vietnamese marinated style beef with lemongrass.


#21 Steak Banh Mi
(Bánh mì Steak)
$16.50 for marinated Chuck rolls

$29.50 for 4oz of Fillet Mignon or Ribeye Steak. $64.95 for Wagyu

A perfectly prepared Top sirloin, Fillet Mignon or Ribeye Steak or A5 Japanese Wagyu sliced into thinner slice combined with our magic Banh Mi ingredients to satisfied your hunger for a sandwich that actually carry a real steak in it!


Sizzling Steak and Egg (Bò né)

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

#22 Steak and Egg
 8oz of slices top sirloin/chuck roll sizzling on a cast iron, a sunshine egg or scramble, sweet onion and cilantro.


#23 Steak, Egg and Patê

8oz of slices top sirloin sizzling on a cast iron, a sunshine egg or scramble, our in house made pate, sweet onion and cilantro.


#24 Steak, Egg, Patê and Sausage

8oz of slices top sirloin sizzling/chuck roll on a cast iron, a sunshine egg or scramble, our in-house made pate and pork sausage, sweet onion and cilantro.


#25 Steak, Egg, Patê, Sausage and Cheese

7oz of slices top sirloin/chuck roll sizzling on a cast iron, a sunshine egg or scramble, our in house made pate and pork sausage with a touch of a laughing cow cheese, sweet onion and cilantro.


Upgrade to an 4oz of fillet Mignon or Ribeye Steak- $20 extra, 4oz of Ribeye A5 Japanese Wagyu $100 extra

Adding Fish cake  $5


Authentic Banh bao(Vietnamese steamed Charsiu buns)


Banh bao or Vietnamese steamed buns is a dish that is a fusion of Vietnamese and Cantonese cuisines. Cantonese immigrants brought over the bao that makes up the exterior of the bun. The rest of the dish is  the reinvention of Vietnamese.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY, Ask our server first for availability.

Mì Xào Giòn (Crispy Noodle Stir Fry)


This mì xào giòn or Vietnamese crispy noodle stir fry is made with fresh seafood, chicken, pork or beef and a colorful variety of vegetables. Nothing beats that ultra-crispy golden noodle nest that is glazed in a rich garlicky soy sauce.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY, Ask our server first for availability.

#26 Beef in Wild Betel Leaves plate
(Bánh hỏi Bò lá lốt)

5 small rolls of ground marinated beef with Wagyu Fat wrapped in betel leaf grilled, serve with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and fine rice vermicelli, topped with roasted peanut.



#27 Spicy Beef Noodle
(Bún bò Huế)
R. $19.50 – Premium. $26.50

Exclusive Eating Fresh Version 

Bún bò Huế is a hidden Vietnamese gem that has yet to “make it” in mainstream American cuisine. It’s a rich and spicy soup with deep layers of flavor. This Central Vietnamese soup is paired with tender slices of beef and pork, then topped with lots of fresh herbs.

Disclaimer: You are about to experience an exclusive spicy beef noodle version that is only available at Eating Fresh, if you are looking for a traditional version of spicy beef noodle, then you shouldn’t order this noodle bowl.



#28 The Famous Beef Stew
(Bò kho)
R. 16.95

Bo kho is a delicious Vietnamese pot-roasted beef stew, fragrant with lemongrass, star anise and cinnamon. When the meat is fork tender, carrots are added to complete the dish. Serve it with rice, rice noodles or a freshly baked baguette.


#29 Vietnamese Meatballs
(Xíu mại)

Xiu Mai is a pure comfort-food dish. The tender pork meatballs are flavorful and have delicious crunch from the jicama. Cooked in a homemade tomato sauce, these hearty meatballs are absolutely mouth-watering. Come with our freshly bake bread.

Kids Friendly



#30 Caramelized Pork & Eggs
(Thit Kho Trung)

Pork and eggs are braised in a sweet and savory broth until the pork is melt-in-your-mouth tender. Serve it over rice or sticky rice.



#31 Rice with Grilled Pork Chop
(Cơm tấm)

This quintessential rice dish of Vietnamese pork chops is packed with flavor, super easy to make, and a crowd pleaser! The marinade adds a ton of garlicky, lemongrassy flavor that pairs great with the pork chops. Grilling adds an amazing aroma and sear, and as if the chops aren’t flavorful enough, they’re topped with scallions & oil.


#32 Fried Chicken Rice
(Gà xối mở)
R-$13.95, Premium $18.95

Rice with deep fry chicken thigh, come with scallion fish sauce, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and pickle.

Kids Friendly


#33 Short Rib Rice Dish
(cơm sườn bò Đại Hàn)

Short Rib charcoal grill or prepare by cast iron skillet, serve with rice, tomato, cucumber and Vietnamese sweet and sour pickle.


#34 Rice Noodle Bowls with grill Pork or beef and egg Roll (Bún thịt nướng chả giò)

Regular $17.50

Premium $22.50

Vegetarian Option is available, please ask our server for it, if this is what you would like to have.

Bún thịt nướng chả giò is a Vietnamese dish that combines marinated grilled pork or beef, rice vermicelli noodles, crispy fried egg rolls, vegetables, and herbs. The dish is served in bowls and it’s typically accompanied by special fish sauce for dipping. Bún thịt nướng chả giò is associated with Southern Vietnam and it’s praised for its contrast of hot and cold flavors and textures. 



#35 Fried Rice
(Com Chien Du loai)
$16.50 for single protein, $19.50 for double,

$22.50 for all three combo or $15.50 for Vegetarian option.

Kid fried Rice $10.50

Chicken, shrimp, pork, beef or all three combination fried rice, and/or vegetarian serve with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.





#36 The Legendary sizzling pancake
(Bánh xèo Hoi An)
$16.95 for 2

Vegetarian Option is available, please ask our server for it, if this is what you would like to have.

Bánh xèo, or Vietnamese crepes, are rice flour pancakes that bring a light batter and ample fillings together for one tasty, crispy bite.




#37 Vietnamese Grilled Pork Meatballs with Vermicelli Noodles (Bun Cha)


A classic Northern Vietnamese dish. Bun Cha features flavorful and juicy pork meatballs, vermicelli noodles, plenty of refreshing herbs and traditional lime fish sauce dipping. It is the dish all Hanoians as well as many Northerners hold dear in their hearts.