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During your Visit to EATING FRESH, don’t miss our favorite simple, yet amazing Vietnamese Drinks.

Sugar Cane Juice
(Nước Mía)



This yummy and fresh treat is a famous drink sold on every small corner of Vietnam. It is the juice of the canes squeezed using an electric press.


Fresh coconut water
(Nước Dừa) $8.95

Coconut water has been a popular drink in Vietnam for centuries. It is a very simple drink which comes straight from a freshly chopped coconut.


Sticky Rice Wine
(Rượu Nếp Cẩm) “Not Available Yet”

The unique wine is made using sticky rice that is fermented with yeast. The wine contains as much as 29.5% alcohol.


Artichoke Tea
(Trà Atiso) $4.95

The go-to Drink for hangover. Artichoke tea is believed to have liver-cleansing and detoxifying properties.


Milk Coffee
(Cà Phê Sửa Đá) $5.95

Distinguishing features of a cup of Vietnamese coffee are that it is brewed with a “thin” which is placed on top of your mug and acts as a drip filter and it is made with Robusta beans. The strong, bitter flavor of the Robusta beans is smoothed out by the creamy, sweet flavor of condensed milk.  milk.


Ice Black Coffee
(Cà Phê Đen Đá) $5.95

Vietnamese iced-coffee is a super-concentrated drip coffee combined with a generous amount of ice cubes. As the two mix together, the ice cubes melt resulting in a super-strong, bitter blast of caffeine.


Boba Tea
(Trà Sửa Trân Châu)

Boba here refers to tapioca pearls, usually made from cassava starch, sweet potato and brown sugar. These edible pearls have chewy and kind of crunchy texture and usually come in black or milky color. Boba tea comes in dozens of different flavors.


Fruit Smoothies
(Sinh Tỗ Trái Cây)

Smoothies are everywhere in Vietnam, and we’re not just talking strawberry-banana and avocado smoothie. You’ll find smoothies with fresh dragonfruit, custard apple, and jackfruit, along with ice and condensed milk or yogurt.


Lime Soda
(Soda Chanh) $5.95

Soda chanh hits the spot on a steamy day. You’re served a glass full of ice with sugar and lime juice, and a can of club soda which you pour into the glass to create a fizzy, homemade limeade.


Egg Coffee – The Pride of Hanoians
(Cà Phê Trứng)


Egg Coffee appears in every Hanoi travel guide as a must-try that visitors should never ignore. This is the signature drink that only the beautiful capital of Vietnam offers.


Traditional Vietnamese Tea
(Trà Nóng) $Vary

Traditional Vietnamese Tea can be found everywhere in Vietnam, and it’s considered an indispensable part of Vietnamese life. Vietnamese people drink tea throughout the day whether it’s a cup of hot tea in the early morning or some iced tea at a teahouse. In Vietnam, drinking tea is not just a way to ease your thirst, but it’s a way to calm your mind and focus on the beauty of nature.


Rice Wine
(Rượu Gạo) “Not Available Yet”

Rice wine is a popular alcoholic drink in Vietnam, especially for men. This liquor which is distilled from fermented cereal (normally rice) is used on special occasions such as Tet holiday and wedding ceremonies…


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