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At EATING FRESH, your relaxation and enjoyment of our food and drink lasts from the moment you walk into the door to the moment of your last bite. Our FRESH menus are perfectly prepared for you to enjoy while you carry on meaningful conversations with your companions. Our cooking methods and seasoning techniques ensure that each cut of USDA Prime, American Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu beef we serve arrives ready for you to BBQ or cooked to perfection and sizzling on a cast iron skillet and our Hot Pots totally are FRESHLY prepared to your table and ready for you to cook. So are our other dishes, they are all FRESHLY prepared, this is why we are called EATING FRESH.

Skewered Kebabs
(Các loại nướng Que)

#38 Vietnamese Skewered Pork Sausage
(Nem nướng)
$6.95 per skew, Minimum of 3 
skewers in order to come with a veggie plate.


#39 Skewered  Marinated Pork Kebabs
(Thịt Heo Nướng xuyên)
$9.95 per skew

Minimum of 2 skewers in order to come with a veggie plate.


Hot Pots
(Các loại lẫu)

Please notify us at least 4 hours in advance, so that we can preparing your desired hot pot ready before you come, otherwise it is normal that it would take us a minimum of 30-60 minutes to prepare it for you.

#43,44 Seafood Hot Pot
(Đồ Biển)
$109.95 for 2 people
$209.95 for 4 people


#45,46 Lemongrass Chicken Hot Pot
(Lẩu gà nấu xã)

$79.95 for 2 people
$154.95 for 4 people


#47,48 Beef Hot Pot
(Lẩu bò)
$109.95 for 2 people
$209.95 for 4 people


#49,50 Fish Hot Pot, (Varies Everyday)
(Lẩu cá)
$94.95 for 2 people
$184.95 for 4 people


Experiencing the best of both worlds at an affordable price.

BBQ & Steaks  bite size cuts ready to grill by you or grill by us on a cast iron skillet serve hot & sizzling to your table. A minimum of two orders in order to activate the hibachi grill, each order come with a special mini bowl of Special Pho at no charge plus a variety of condiments to enhance your experience with us and a bowl of rice or a baguette.

Our meats are all natural and sustainable and yes it is locally here in Indiana, so don’t hesitate to support a locally own business that using resources from a locally owned farmers.

#51 Classic Filet
10oz cut of tender and juicy.


#52 New York Strip
All natural and richly flavored, 12 oz $52


#53 Ribeye Steak
12 Oz, All natural beef, high qualify and marbling $57


#54 Lamb Chops
3 double marinated chops with fresh mint. pre-grill by us finalize by you at your table.


#55 Pork Chops
18 oz. double bone-in chop, marinated for full flavor & tenderness.


#56 Beef In Wild Betel Leaf.
8 small rolls of ground marinated beef with Wagyu Fat wrapped in betel leaf, ready to grill and enjoy.



#57 Spicy Jumbo Shrimps
12 fully marinated jumbo shrimp with spicy hot peppers.
$54, 6 shrimps $32


#58 Pork Tender
6 slices pork Tender or pork loin full flavor & tender ready to be cook at your table.


#59 Korean short rib
 2 thick Short ribs fully marinated and ready to cook.


#60 Spicy Pork Icon
Specially picked by the owners, thin sliced pork fully marinated ready to grill. Very juicy, spicy and yummy.


#61 Lemongrass Chicken
Chicken things, all natural, fully marinated with lemongrass infusion… YUMMMM.




Experiencing the Extravaganza!

Experiencing the extravaganza menu is a unique and it is by appointment only and food must order 24-48 hours in advance or longer. This special dining experience is specially designed for our guests to experiencing many of our luxurious dishes at a very affordable price.

Omakase of Eating Fresh 

The best of both worlds, grilling the fine cuts of steaks and then enjoying the fine Wagyu noodle bowl. Starting out with our special salad  then come with four different fine cuts of steaks, New York strip, Ribeye cap, fillet and A5 Japanese Wagyu…bites size cut and ready to grill at the table then come with the Extravaganza Pho with another 4oz of A5 Japanese slices Wagyu ready to enjoy with the noodle bowl, then come a final touch of our best of the day dessert picked by our pastry chef.

Limited Availability!

$159.95 per person, $219.95 for two “share noodle bowl, salad and dessert for 2”



The Steaks Extravaganza 

Have you ever experiencing 8 different cuts of steak at one time, they are perfectly clean and trimmed and prepared for one of the best of steaks experiencing. Starting out with the salad of the day then come the Extravaganza of a world tour of 8 different cuts of steaks Skirt, hanger, flat iron, New York strip, ribeye, marinated Korean short rib, tenderloin and A5 Japanese Wagyu in bite size ready to grill by you then come a surprise dessert especially pick by our pastry chef for the day!

$139.95 per person, $209.95, “salad and dessert for 2”


Wagyu Banh Mi & the Extravaganza Pho “price for 2 only”

Starting out with a salad then come a special sandwich cut in half that contained Grill A5 Wagyu, Vietnamese sausage, Pate, cucumber, cilantro and pickle then come the extravaganza Pho and a final treat from our pastry chef!

$109.95 for flat iron slices, $139.95 for Ribeye or fillet slices 


The Extravaganza Pho for 2

Starting with a salad then come the Extravaganza Pho with an 6oz of slices USDA Prime beef or A5 Japanese Wagyu, 3oz of round eye steak then come a special treat from our pastry chef.

$99.95 for flat iron

$129.95 for Tenderloin 

$149.95 for A5 Japanese Wagyu


Wagyu Hot Pot

Starting out with a Wagyu salad, then come the Wagyu hot pot with 8oz of slices A5 Japanese Wagyu, finalize with a special touch from our pastry chef!

$249.95 for two 

Adding on $60 for 4oz more of Wagyu slices.


Eating Fresh’s Vegetarian

A surprise me vegetarian option, our chef will especially design an exclusive vegetarian courses for two people every week, it start out with an appetizer, then come the main entree then the dessert, come with a confident and let our chef surprise you for what they will bring to the table for you.!




Custom request for couple that like vegetarian and non-Vegetarian option is also available upon request.


For Reservation, please contact us at 317-746-6989, or email us at support@eatingfresh.com